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Entropy and Randomness Online Tester

Execution date: Fri, 31 May 2019 09:36:27 GMT, file: chestnut-2740751_1280.jpg, size: 369,508 bytes, test type: Rearray 512.

Entropy only results

15.522273 min:0 med:2 max:572

Rearray 16 results

15.644137 min:0 med:2 max:53

Rearray 32 results

15.658889 min:0 med:2 max:58

Rearray 64 results

15.661936 min:0 med:2 max:41

Rearray 128 results

15.660089 min:0 med:2 max:57

Rearray 256 results

15.665493 min:0 med:2 max:44

Rearray 512 results

15.659684 min:0 med:2 max:34