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Entropy and Randomness Online Tester

Execution date: Fri, 25 Aug 2023 11:05:39 GMT, file: webcam_random.bin, size: 75,943,936 bytes, test type: Rearray 512.

Entropy only results

15.998760 min:469 med:579 max:687

Rearray 16 results

15.998760 min:487 med:579 max:680

Rearray 32 results

15.998767 min:471 med:579 max:675

Rearray 64 results

15.998740 min:480 med:579 max:690

Rearray 128 results

15.998756 min:478 med:579 max:679

Rearray 256 results

15.998754 min:482 med:579 max:684

Rearray 512 results

15.998748 min:481 med:579 max:679