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FTP Server Online Tester

Execution date: Tue, 06 Oct 2020 20:18:12 GMT, server:, mode: Active PASV, encryption: TLS enabled, test type: Zapytanie IPv4 .

IPv4 test results

---- Resolving host address...
---- 1 address found:
---- Connecting to ( port 21
<--- 220 ProFTPD Server (psoft4home FTP Server) [::ffff:]
<--- 234 AUTH TLS successful
---> USER
Issued by: C=AT,O=ZeroSSL,CN=ZeroSSL RSA Domain Secure Site CA
WARNING: Certificate verification: Not trusted (E5:4B:EE:F4:13:3A:EB:9B:21:F7:5D:FB:C1:52:DA:7C:AF:E3:28:15)
<--- 331 Password required for sylwa76
---> PASS
<--- 530 Login incorrect.
---- Closing control socket

IPv6 test results

Invalid hostname / IP address
---- Resolving host address...