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FTP Server Online Tester

Execution date: Mon, 10 Oct 2022 22:56:06 GMT, server:, mode: Passive EPSV, encryption: TLS disabled, test type: Query both.

IPv4 test results

---- Resolving host address...
---- 1 address found:
---- Connecting to ( port 21
<--- 220-This system is for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. business use only and is subject
<--- 220-to monitoring. Any unauthorized use or access is strictly prohibited. For
<--- 220-questions about this policy or to report suspected violations contact your
<--- 220-Technical Coordinator or e-mail SECADMIN.
<--- 220-
<--- 220 FTP server 5.5-20220630 ready.
---> USER
<--- 331 SSL is mandatory.
---> PASS
<--- 530 SSL is mandatory.
---> PWD
<--- 530 SSL is mandatory.
---> QUIT
<--- 221 Goodbye.
---- Closing control socket

IPv6 test results

Invalid hostname / IP address
---- Resolving host address...